Notes from Calgary-Macleod Presbytery Meeting May 7, 2019

Jeanne Phené and, in Sandra Cameron-Evans’s absence, Ivy Mewha attended Presbytery noon-4:30 pm Tuesday May 7. ‘Presbytery’ is a five times per year meeting regarding church business attended by ministers plus one or more elders from the eleven churches in our district, which is also known as a ‘Presbytery’.  St. Paul’s (Banff) provided delicious sandwiches for our lunch.  It was Ivy’s first ever Presbytery meeting. Rev. Mark Tremblay of Knox, Calgary provided an in-depth challenging theological reflection on the ‘doctrine of discovery’ which he researched during his fall sabbatical.  I learned the ‘doctrine of discovery’ is the theology which church and state developed 1400-present to justify interventions with aboriginal populations such as the residential school system and even slave trade in Africa.  The Presbyterian Church in Canada confessed it’s involvement with the residential schools in 1994,  25 years ago, and the churches were invited to repudiate the ‘doctrine of discovery’ during the ongoing settlement process.   Presbytery meetings are open, except for rare personnel portions.  Talk to Dewald if you feel you would like to see one…or a portion of one. Highlights in the life and work of the church are as follows:

  • Camp Kanawin’s annual clean up is running May long week-end and they are looking for volunteers.  Call the camp for details if you want to get out of town that week-end.
  • St. Paul’s in Banff meets regularly with other churches in the Bow Valley to work on joint issues and projects such as housing, feeding the hungry, etc.
  • Thursday May 9 there is an acoustic guitar concert at St. Paul’s, Banff, [tickets $35 each] to support the United Church’s project to bring a second Syrian immigrant family to the Bow Valley.  I hear the sanctuary at St. Paul’s has the best acoustics in the Bow Valley for this kind of music.
  • Grace had a successful workshop May 4 led by Rev. Dr. Lillian Daniel, author of “Tired of Apologizing for a Church I don’t Belong To”.  The workshop was attended by approximately 50, mostly from Grace.
  • In partnership with the Calgary Alliance for Common Good, St. Andrews is hosting it’s third annual celebration of aboriginal culture the afternoon of May 25.
  • Rev. Dianne Ollerenshaw led a preliminary exercise to discern appropriate boundaries for the Presbytery of Calgary-Macleod.  Our Presbytery is the last within the Synod of Alberta and the NWT to conduct this exercise.
  • General Assembly reports [for the June 2019 PCC annual meeting in Ontario] are now out and available here. Two folks from St. Giles will be attending this meeting.

Hope this helps!

JCP, May 8, 2019

Called by Christ, Committed by Faith, Connected by Community.