Notes from Presbytery of Calgary-Macleod meeting March 5, 2019

Jeanne Phené and, in Sandra Cameron-Evans’s absence, Jenny Thomson attended presbytery noon-5pm Tuesday March 5. St. Andrews provided delicious scones and soup for our lunch.  Believe it or not, it was Jenny’s first ever presbytery meeting. Presbyters used the internet [FaceTime], also for the first time ever, to participate from Medicine Hat. Rev. Jared Miller of St. Andrews provided a thoughtful, packed opening sermon wondering how we will move with Christianity into the 21st century.  These meetings are open, except for rare personnel portions.  Watching ministers listen and talk to ministers is fascinating. Talk to Dewald if you feel you would like to see one…or a portion of one. Highlights in the life and work of the church are as follows:

  • Rev. Dr. Jean Morris  is continuing as Associate Minister of Pastoral Care at Grace Church, in a part-time capacity.  This was part of Grace’s vision during their recent quest for three additional ministers, which was completed before Christmas.
  • Rev. Jeff Lackie of St. John’s, Medicine Hat, will be our next Presbytery moderator beginning in Fall 2019.
  •  Bethany (916 -18A St. NW), two blocks south of Lions Park LRT, is looking for volunteers (porters, worship companions) the first Wednesday of each month 10:30 am. Rev. Murdo Marple(Ret.) of Grace, Rev. Brenda Arndt and Rev. Bruce Clendening presented an excellent enriching opportunity for youth groups and others introducing themselves to the idea of community service or to Calgary.   Volunteers will be asked to complete the customary application form, 2 references, police checks, etc.: or 403-284-6023.
  • Director of Regional Ministries the Rev. Dianne Ollerenshaw led an unconventional engagement exercise imagining how an Indigenous Gathering Place in Calgary will be used by all faiths and communities (form follows function, eh?).  A community conversation event will be held TODAY 1:30pm March 6 at St. Matthews United Church, hosted by KAIROS.  You can provide thoughts online if you cannot get to a live event.
  • Rev. Dr. Peter Coutts of VAPC calmly reported the bullet that flew through their church window during an evening meeting last week likely came from far, far away. The bullet disintegrated on hitting the glass, the police arrived in 4 minutes, everyone went back to their meeting. Two new worshippers showed up the next Sunday following all the publicity.
  • Rev. Jared Miller of St. Andrews and Rev. Mark Tremblay of Knox updated the court on the South of Fish Creek and Cyclical growth initiatives.  A four year $220,000 plan for the Cyclical initiative was approved from presbytery reserves  last January.
  • Audrey Cole of St. Andrews, former moderator of Calgary-Macleod, invites presbyterians to  fill out the survey on how we are using the PCC’s 10 year strategic plan approved by General Assembly in 2016.  We are asked to FIRST READ the PCC’s 10 year strategic plan.
  • Rev. Morris reminded us the PCC Rainbow Communion, of which she is  a member: “invites LGBTQI people [or families, co-workers, friends] to tell stories of harm done to them within and by the church, and to share their stories of God’s grace experienced by them in Christian ministry.” This is happening until the end of June, 2019.  Rev. Morris invites you contact her directly if you wish.
  • Rev. Ollerenshaw reported: “This year marks the 25th anniversary of The Confession of The Presbyterian Church in Canada as adopted by the General Assembly, June 9th, 1994. The last sentence of the Confession states: ‘With God’s guidance our Church will seek opportunities to walk with Aboriginal peoples to find healing and wholeness together as God’s people.’ Each congregation is encouraged to reflect on how you have been seeking opportunities to walk with Indigenous peoples to find healing and wholeness together.” Lots to mull through and reflect on our future in this short two page seven point confession. Talk to Rev. Ollerenshaw if you want to know more.
  • Lethbridge is looking for local archival resources to micro-film their records (which date back to 1925), instead of shipping them to Ontario to get it done.
  • A ministry [NOT minist-er] review requested by Westminster PC was approved, in accordance with scope and timelines in the Book of Forms. Terms of reference are being developed. The Clergy and Congregational Care Committee, convened by Rev. Clay Khun of St. Pauls, Banff, presented their initial report in-camera.
  • The Presbytery’s 2019 retreat will be held again in Lethbridge, because it is cheaper than Calgary, even with all that travelling. It will be held June 17-18, 2019.

Hope this helps!

JCP, March 6, 2019




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