Welcome to St. Giles!

Services are Sunday Mornings at 10 am.

We are God’s people: enabled by the Holy Spirit, saved by Grace and nourished by Scripture.

St. Giles’ Mission is to nurture a vibrant Christian life; we will seek to grow in our relationship with God, we will care for the community and we will dare to follow Christ into the world.

St. Giles offers a variety of ministry opportunities throughout the week.

Worship Services:

Currently we are looking at different people from Scripture and how their life story and experience can inform and enrich our spiritual life and relationship with God.


May 21 – Cain and Abel, Faith and sincerity, Genesis 4:1-16

May 28 – The Story of a man called Enoch, Genesis 5:21-24

June 4 – Pentecost Sunday,  Faith and the Holy Spirit – the tale of   Zachariah

June 11 – Rev. Fiona Wilkinson will lead the service

June 18 – The Elders will lead the Service

June 24 – Children’s service – A look at Various Children in the Bible




Called by Christ, Committed by Faith, Connected by Community.